• We specialize in multi-family and self-storage properties

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APM has been developing self-storage and multifamily properties for many years.

Our strong relationship with local real estate gives us our strength in finding off-market deals, trends and market information.

Why should you invest in real estate developments?

APM has new real estate developments coming in that would be excellent investment opportunities as the real estate market continues to flourish.

Our future development has an expected return of 8% and is a relatively low-risk investment to help diversify your portfolio. We buy and develop in a growing neighborhood and striving business market.

This invite is for accredited investors only as per SEC. Are you an accredited investor? Find out information by clicking below.


Are you ready to invest in our next development?

  • Identify undervalued neighborhoods poised for growth
  • Pinpoint good housing stock located near transportation
  • Seek out buildings that have been mismanaged for years
  • Purchase below replacement cost and below market rents
  • Increase value through proper management, capital improvements and neighborhood appreciation
  • Multiple inspections of the property
  • Thorough review of infrastructure
  • Review of every lease
  • Engineer’s property condition analysis
  • MAI appraisal
  • Environmental report
  • Analysis of rent regulation historical reports
  • Historical building expense report
  • Thorough financial analysis
  • Thorough review of lease and sales comps, market trends and demographics

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we can help you reach your investment goals, please don't hesitate to reach out.